North Queensland Khanacross Championships 2018

A four round Khanacross series open to competitors
of affiliated North Queensland motorsport clubs

Series Regulations 2018


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The 2018 series will consist of four rounds, with each club hosting one round. These clubs are; Whitsundays Sporting Car Club (WSCC), Far North Queensland Motorsports Club (FNQMSC) Townsville City Auto Sports (TCAC) and Douglas Shire Motorsports Association (DSMSA).

Points from the competitors’ best 3 rounds of four will count towards the series championships. In the case of a tie the points from the dropped round will decide the winner.

The series champion shall be for 2WD vehicles only, and will be separated into the following classes:

-          Class A – 0-1300cc

-          Class B – 1300-1600cc

-          Class C – 1600cc – 2000cc

-          Class D – Over 2000cc

-          Class G – All wheel drive (will receive end of year trophies but are ineligible for outright champion)

-          Ladies – All female competitors

-          Junior – All junior competitors

Series Rules:

All events shall be run in accordance with CAMS Khanacross regulations, unless otherwise stated in the event supplementary regulations and will also be subject to the series regulations.

NQ Khanacross Series Regulations:

Running order will be determined randomly by way of names drawn from a hat.

Vehicles must start & finish in a forward direction.

No passengers will be allowed at any time during the test unless accompanying a junior driver competing in his/her first year.

Fire extinguishers must be fitted.

Any night courses will not be counted in the scoring towards the series, therefore lights are not required on vehicles competing in the series.

All driving tests shall be conducted in a way to display driving skill by the competitor, not course familiarity or memory. All intersections must be clearly marked with arrows where possible.

If there are less than three vehicles in a class after nominations have closed for the series, they will be elevated or lowered to the next class for the series. This rule does not apply to Class G.

Trophies shall be awarded to first, second and third outright, and in each class at the end of the series as well as prize money.

 Points shall be awarded at the completion of each series round as follows:

1st – 15 points      2nd – 12 points         3rd – 9 points

4th – 7 points        5th – 6 points         6th – 5 points

7th – 4 points        8th – 3 points          9th – and remaining finishers receive 2 points


All competitors who start the event but fail to finish will receive 1 point.

A change of competitor’s vehicle is permitted at the discretion of the series director if the competitor’s vehicle suffers a breakdown. Class points will be awarded to the competitor in which the majority of the competitors’ tests were completed in for that event.

In circumstances subject to weather conditions, a minimum of five runs must be completed by each series competitor to constitute a round.

Series Penalties:

These penalties are applicable to all rounds making up the NQ Khanacross series.

All course markers hit incur a 5 second penalty (If they require realignment)

Garage markers hit will be considered as one 10 second penalty, regardless of how many garage markers are hit. A 10 second penalty will be applied for failure to come to a complete stop with part of the vehicle stopped outside the garage. Any car that comes to a complete stop fully outside the garage incurs a slowest time + 5 seconds penalty.

No changes, alterations or additional markers may be placed on the course after the look lap or start of a run until all competitors have completed the test.

Failure to attempt the test results in a slowest time + 10 second penalty. If the competitor notifies the clerk of course, the clerk of course may allow the competitor to take his test at the end of the run but before any course change has been made. No competitor shall be allowed to complete back to back runs in this case, should they have missed more than one test.

A wrong direction penalty shall not be more then the slowest series competitor, excluding juniors,    + 5 seconds        All slowest time penalties are calculated from the slowest penalty free series competitors times excluding juniors.  

If 5 or more competitors take a wrong direction on any one test, the clerk of course and event director must inspect the course and take reasonable steps to prevent such an occurrence in further tests. They may make such changes to the course to prevent further wrong directions and void the previous tests if they deem changes are necessary.

In the interest of competitors traveling long distances it is asked that each club limit the total entries accepted for each round to, all registered NQ Series competitors plus a number not exceeding a total maximum  of 40 entries per event. 

Entry for the 2018 series is $100 for classes A-G & Ladies.

Junior entry is $50.

Entries close 5th May, 2018 at 9AM.

Entries are open to all competitors from cams affiliated motor sports clubs. Nominations should be made directly to the event director. A maximum of thirty five entries will be accepted at the discretion of the event director.


The series event director is Dave Page


The series co-director is Steven Van der Brug ph. 0418 772 820