North Queensland Khanacross Championships 2018

A four round Khanacross series open to competitors
of affiliated North Queensland motorsport clubs

2017 Final Results


 Name Club Class Round 1 Round 2 Round 3  Total
 Rowan Trewick FNQMS D 10 1 0  11
 Tim Hall WSCC C 9 8 8 25
 Peter McPhee WSCC C 7 2 4 13
 Heath Barry DSMSA A-J 8 9 7  24
 Steven Van der Brug FNQMS D 6 2 6  14
 Adrian McPheeWSCC C 5 0 2  7
 Jody MortonWSCC B 4 0 0  4
 Andrew HornFNQMS B 3 4 2   9
 Lance MelroseFNQMS B-L 2 0 2  4
 Rick RanscombeFNQMS C 2 7 9  18
 John SuttonWSCC D 2 3 2  7
 Debra MelroseFNQMS B 2 0 2  4
 Kevin DuroseFNQMS C 2 10 10  22
 Kym Hall WSCC B-L 2 6 2  10
 Shane North DSMSA B 2 5 5  12
 Dave Page FNQMS C 2 0 0  2
 Tas Taylor WSCC C 2 2 0  4
 Mark Horder WSCC D 2 2 0  4
 Cameron Clarke WSCC C 2 0 0  2
 Kara North DSMSAB-L  2 2 3  7
 Tony Cristaudo FNQMS B 2 0 2  4
 Geoff Nicol TCCC C 2 2 0  4
 Kylie Portelli  FNQMS B-L 2 2 0  4
 Shane Buchanan FNQMS D 2 2 2  6

Graeme Colls 

FNQMS  G-awd 10 0  10

 2017 NQ Khanacross Series results.

 Out Right Result.

1st Tim Hall

2nd Heath Barry

3rd Kevin Durose

4th Rick Ranscombe

5th Steven Van der Brug



1st Heath Barry



1st Kym Hall

2nd Kara North

3rd Deb Melrose


Under 1600

1st Heath Barry

2nd Shane North

3rd Kara North



1st Tim Hall

2nd Kevin Durose

3rd Rick Ranscombe


Over 2000

1st Steven Van der Brug

2nd John Sutton


3rd Shane Buchanan

Round 3.

The final round of the NQ Khanacross series was held at Mossman last weekend (14-15 October) in bright sunny conditions. Those of you may remember that the previous 2 years day two was washed out by torrential rain. This years campers had a slight scare at 4:00am when the rain started, but it soon stopped.

 Coming into round 3 Tim Hall in his SSS pulsar and Heath Barry in the mighty Micra where tied on points for the outright placing’s and some of the classes where to close to call. It all came down to the final round and Saturday started hot, fast and dusty.

 Heath set the pace on lap one. Rick set the next two fasted times but more importantly, Tim clawed back time on Heath. The series lead swapped continually between the pair with Heath setting impressive times but loosing all the advantage in just one poor run then retaking the lead a few runs later.

 Meantime FNQ club crocodile member, Kevin in his SSS was setting the pace from where he left of in round two, in a faultless display to be well clear of the field in first place. It was all SSS pulsar out in front and with a veritable 6 entrants out of 25 driving the mighty machines it was little wonder that towards the final 2 runs for the weekend that three of them featured in the top three. Rick in his SSS was within .9 of a second from taking the outright position from Kevin.

Saturday racing concluded with six drivers all possible outright contenders. The Mossman club lived up to their reputation and put on a fabulous feast for dinner and deserts to match. The tracks held up well all day though a little dusty, the wind always blew the dust away so wasn’t a problem for spectators or drivers.                                 Sunday Breakfast provided by the Mossman club was every bit as good as it looked but all competitors where keen to start racing. A water truck Saturday night settled the dust on the lower track and a brief shower early morning took care of the rest. The hills came alive too the sound of …. A thumping V8 driven by Shane. It didn’t take long for the dust to re-emerge especially after president bob held the large Falcon on full lock from corner to corner billowing great clouds of dust and not to be out done the Blue Bird piloted by Sam, slid gracefully sideways around every bend.

 The completion was close all the way down the order with many bragging rights battles taking place between drivers. In the end the Nq series was decided in the last three runs. Unfortunately for Heath he hit a course marker incurring a five second penalty, which shot Tim to the lead. On the second last lap Heath managed to claw back almost two seconds on Tim.  This left a all out battle for the final lap of the series with Heath posting the fastest time but only .41 quicker than Tim who bettered his previous run by 2.42 seconds which made the final winning margin a slim 2.39 seconds. O so close after six days of racing over three events it still came down to the final run.

 Having won round two Kevin won this event convincingly by just over 7 seconds from Rick and must be ruing his round one event performance, scoring only two points too finish 3rd in the series outright.



On behalf of Dave and myself we wish to thank all the drivers in the series for traveling to all the events. The clubs for hosting the series rounds and all the volunteers we rely on to have these events. Our series sponsors, Triple T truck hire – S & A Automotive & Éclat Visual Brilliance.


We are planning the 2018 calendar so watch this space.



Steven Van der Brug.



Round 2. Held at Rally Sport Park Mareeba, west of Cairns lived up to it's reputation of being dry. Well mostly dry with some very light persipatation  falling late Saturday afternoon and over night. Nothing like the rain on other parts of the tablelands and not enough to dampen the racing and certainly not the dust.

A total of Twenty Nine drivers lined up including Seventeen series competitors, some traveling over 900km one-way to attended what has become a very friendly series filled with laughs and mate-ship. Last years winner, Andrew Horn started with a flurry setting the first two fastest times closely followed by last event winner Rowan Trewick. Andrews competitive run ended when his Corollas engine knocking foretold of imminent doom. Local driver crocodile Kevin, in his new Pulsar put in a faultless driving display setting 8 fastest times out of the 21 runs for the weekend. Rowan stayed in touch with the leaders until he made two wrong directions and then failed to start the last four runs. Junior driver Heath Barry didn't place a wheel wrong all weekend and that showed in the final results. Mark Horder's Soarer didn't handle some of Mareeba's rougher sections, ripping the inter-cooler piping from its mount. He managed to repair the damage and continue until finishing the event in the club car. Steve Van der Brug, acting as Assistant Clerk of the Course for the first time, hit a tree on run three in his 570SX but managed to continue for the rest of the event. 

The FNQ club put on a spectacular dinner for the racers and family Saturday night. Lots of club members brought a dish of food, including some of the Mossman club members. It was all organised by Kylie and when it was all put together it was fabulous, as was the breakfast cooked by the Thompson family on Sunday morning. 

The tracks deteriorated on Sunday with some very loose sections challenging the drivers and cars for grip and the ultimate racing line. At the end of the weekend when the dust settled the leader board has some surprising results with two rounds completed and the final at Mossman Tim Hall from Whit Sundays has jumped to the lead closely followed by Junior Heath and at least 3 other possible out right contenders.

Results for round 2. 1st Outright Kevin Durose 21:17.38   2nd Heath Barry 21:34.77   3rd Tim Hall 21:45.72                1st Ladies Kym Hall   1st Junior Heath Barry



ROUND 1. Was held at the whit Sundays Tonker Park 10 Km south of Proserpine on the May Day long weekend. 25 Series competitors battled though changing conditions along with 15 non series competitors to see one of the largest fields of 40 drivers compete over the two day event. The event ran smoothly through out Saturday with no car damage or retirees. Local track knowledge helped Tim Hall set the early pace after lap one. Rowan adjusted his tyre pressures and was hardly headed all day by most of the field but finishing less then a second faster then Greame Colls in his AWD Subaru and Tim Hall only nine one hundredth of a second behind. Junior, Heath Barry in the mighty Micra was a further 6 seconds behind placed in fourth. After him it was daylight but some very close completion rounded out the top ten. 

Sunday morning the starting garages were lined up side by side for the two tracks. This proved popular at last years event and this year was no exception. The first run all drivers had to contend with the wet conditions, with the inside track proving very slippery in places as a few drivers found out as they skidded into the tyres or of the track. The early runners had the worst of the conditions which reflected in the times. The drizzle abated and the track gripped up nicely as the second run started. By the third run dust prevailed again as drivers had the opportunity to elect whom they wish to run against. The spectators were in for a treat as big V8s lined up against each other but the high light was the closely matched Celica of Rowan lined up against the small mighty Micra driven by junior competitor Heath. The turbo monster class D Celica only inched away from the micra down the straight and was slightly ahead at the braking duel into the garage for both runs. 

Well done to Rowan winning outright 1st. Tim out right 2nd and Heath for out right 3rd. 1st Ladies Deb closely followed by Kym and 3rd Kara. 1st Juniors Heath 2nd Jody  Greame winning out right 1st in AWD



2016 Results

Round one was held at Tonker Park Proserpine on the 4th & 5th of June. The round was delayed due to wet weather in May and competitors arriving last Friday night were in for a bucketing with over 23mm of rain that night. Nothing would prevent the running of this event and even though the tracks were under water again and very slippery, the first cars started on time Saturday morning. All the drivers handled the wet and slippery conditions well with plenty of fast times set and very few spins. By mid morning the tracks were drying out nicely and getting very grippy all be it for a few corners. The weather conditions were absolutely perfect for the rest of the weekend. By Saturday night the competition was very close with little more than 5 se

Round one was held at Tonker Park Proserpine on the 4th & 5th of June. The round was delayed due to wet weather in May and competitors arriving last Friday night were in for a bucketing with over 23mm of rain that night. Nothing would prevent the running of this event and even though the tracks were under water again and very slippery, the first cars started on time Saturday morning. All the drivers handled the wet and slippery conditions well with plenty of fast times set and very few spins. By mid morning the tracks were drying out nicely and getting very grippy all be it for a few corners. The weather conditions were absolutely perfect for the rest of the weekend. By Saturday night the competition was very close with little more than 5 seconds separating the top six drivers. Sunday morning the Whitsunday's car club set two tracks with the starting garage and first straight away side by side. This was a dirt drag strip with the end turning onto similar length tracks that the drivers transversed and returning down the straight to the garage for a braking duel. All competitors had a blast Sunday. The overall winner of the NQ Khanacross round one was Steven Van der Brug from FNQ Motorsports, closely followed by fellow club members, Trevor Thompson second, and Andrew Horn third.

Round Two was held at Rally Sport Park Mareeba on the 25th & 26th of June. 28 Drivers took to the dry tracks with local driver Andrew Horn setting the pace from lap one. Shane North from Mossman showed that track familiarity wasn't an advantage posting some very fast times through out the weekend. Mark Horder from the Whit Sundays club, driving a Mirage posted some great times as well. There were 4 female drivers for the weekend with 3 of those in the series and one junior. 

Things really heated up on Sunday when one of the none series competitors cars caught fire on the track after hitting an ant mound. The surrounding grass caught fire but was quickly contained with the help of other drivers and officials. Daniel managed to escape the flaming BMW unscathed but the car suffered extensive damage. 

Day 2 saw Andrew extending his lead over the field and finishing a convincing 1st 34 seconds ahead of Shane North in 2nd place with Mark Horder in 3rd place. A Great drive from Lance Melrose, only the second time out in the Accent to finish in 4th. Up and coming junior from Mossman Heath finished a credible 5th. The event was sponsored by Eclat Painters.

Round Three was held at Talbot Park Townsville on the 27-28th of August after being delayed due to wet weather in July. Competitors had a scare with some heavy rain falls in the region the Thursday night before the event. The track received only 3mm and some quick FB messages confirmed all was good to go. 24 Drivers lined up for the start Saturday morning making an even split of 12 NQ series entries and 12 TCAC competitors. The tracks at Talbot Park were in superb condition, with fast flowing sections, tight technical parts with a combination of undulations ready to destroy the suspension or front end of the overly brave. Day one saw Trevor set 7 fastest times and Andrew set 9 fastest times out of 18 runs. But it was a day of could have beens with Trevor's car suffering a flat battery he stalled mid stage and lost 10 sec. Shane made a crucial error into the garage and lost a similar amount. Mark and Kelly's car had had enough and by the 10th run Kelly retired with Mark persisting on in a cloud of blue despair. Unlike round 2 Andrew didn't have it all his own way with Steve setting only two fastest times but still within 6 seconds of the lead and Trevor a further 9 seconds back. That evening,Townsville club members put on a fantastic dinner and desserts for all the competitors with a fire to take the chill out of the air. After Sunday breakfast, Greg setup two longer tracks which all the drivers loved. The local drivers weren't about to let the Series competitors dominate the event with Bruce running in third out right and international drift driver, Daniel posting the fastest outright time on sunday to finish the event in forth outright. The battle for outright was on between Andrew and Steve setting fastest times one after another and leaving the rest of the field behind. After 6 runs for the day Andrew finished 300th of a second ahead of Steve and maintained the lead he built on Saturday. Andrew won the event 6.7 seconds ahead of Steve with Trevor third 23.12 seconds from the lead. Congratulations to all the volunteers, members and partners for putting on a memorable round 3.

Round Four Twenty drivers took to the tracks at Mossman over the weekend for the final round of the 2016 NQ Khanacross series. It was hot and steamy as the first competitors set off for their double runs. A grey sky hung low around the surrounding hills as a band of heavy rain, visible on the radar crept ever closer from the south. The Mossman club has, for several years now, adopted the double run were drivers complete their first test then line up in the garage again for the second test over the same track. This saves a minute or two for each run and with twenty drivers we managed to do 15 runs for the day. 

Junior, Heath Barry entered in a Nissan Micra and having had the car for only a few events, showed moments of great talent mixed with moments of complete insanity as run after run he clipped the witches hats. He also suffered a flat tyre which resulted in him receiving a wrong direction penalty as he pulled of the track to save the tyre. After four hats and a wrong direction most if not all drivers would be well out of the points, but not Heath. He finished the day in second place after Rally legend Ross Dunkerton who completed a faultless round to finish day one in the lead. We did have a few light passing showers throughout the day which made tree line over the hill slightly greasy, settled the dust on the rest of the track and kept the tempreture pleasant. 

Andrew Horn started the event with a four point advantage over second placed Steven Van der Brug who started poorly losing over four seconds to Andrew in the first two runs and then collecting a hat in the next run. With Steve now nine seconds behind, the weather starting to close in and having successfully completed the minim five runs for all competitors, the event was threatening to be called early. 

But the heavens remained closed for the time being and the racing started to get closer and after posting the fasted times on runs 8-9 & 10 Steve was just leading Andrew by a whisker. Andrew pulled out all stops and with the Corolla belching out great clouds of blue smoke managed to keep pace with the leaders except for Heath, who kept trashing all the competition by three seconds per run. Shane North started strongly with a fasted time for run two and was never far of the lead untill run 7 when he collected a garage hat for a ten second penalty and then compounded the problem by hitting a hat on run 13 to finish Saturday in sixth place. Trevor Thompson drove superbly all day with one fasted time on run 11 and no penalties to finish fifth for the day and only two seconds off Andrew’s faultless round to be fourth with less then 3, 100th of a second behind third place of Steve’s. 

The weather Gods where still kind as all the drivers and friends gathered around for a drink after the racing completed for the day. A huge thanks to the Mossman club for once again putting on some of the best tucker for the series and all the club members and families for putting in their time and effort to make this event possible.

It was pleasantly cool this far north in October and after the fine dinning all the punters flocked to the fire.

I  awoke around three AM to the sound of heavy rain on a tin roof, and as I rolled over in my comfortable bed, I thought of the campers below.

The rain ceased briefly as we devoured breakfast and pondered the torrents of water cascading down the hill and over the tracks. Optimists pointed to a narrow patch of blue sky in the distance. Democratically we all voted to call the event over. This is now the second year running that un-seasonal rain has cut short the last event at Mossman. And as if on que, the rain fell in a torrent threatening to collapse the gazebos. After some time the rain eased enough to allow everyone to load up and pack wet tents away.

 So after no racing was held on Sunday the final results for the NQ Round 4,

1st- Heath Barry 2nd- Steven Van der Brug 3rd- Andrew Horn

1st Ladies- Kara North 2nd- Kelly Horder 3rd-  Debra Melrose

1st Junior- Heath Barry

2016 NQ Khanacross series Winners

Out Right

2015 Results

 * = denotes dropped round



Name,Club                         Class                                                                                Points 

Warren Morton, WSCC          A              *               10                 10               9                  29

Greg Erwin, DSMSA              A              *               8                  9                10                27   

Wayne Morton, WSCC           A              9                9                   *                8                  26    

Steve Vanderbrug, FNQMSC    C              10               7                  8                *                  25    

Jody Morton, WSCC              A              7                 5                 7                 *                  19           

Steve Wilbraham, FNQMSC      A             4                 6                  5                 *                 15    

Tas Taylor, WSCC                 C              6                 4                  *                 5                 15   

John Sutton, TCAC                C               3                *                   4                7                 14     

Noel Grimm, WSCC                B               1                *                  6                 4                 11  

Mark Horder, WSCC               A               *                 3                  1                6                 10  

Geoff Nicol, TCAC                B               1                 2                 3                  *                 6     

Steve Nicol, TCAC                B               5                 *                  0                0                  5     

Tony Christaudo, FNQMSC     A               2                 1                 2                 *                  5   

Kelly Horder, WSCC              A                *                1                 1                 2                  4  

Ian Senbergs, WSCC              B                1                *                 1                 1                  3  

Kara North, DSMSA               A                *                 1                1                 1                   3

Flyn Erwin, DSMSA               A                *                  0                1                 1                  2

Andrew Horn, FNQMSC         B                *                 1                 0                 0                  1   

Bob Errey, DSMSA                 C                *                 1                0                 0                  1  



Name,Club                                                                                                                 Points 

CLASS A >1600cc

Warren Morton, WSCC                            *                10               10              9                     29

Greg Erwin, DSMSA                                *                 8                  9              10                   27

Wayne Morton, WSCC                            10                9                 *               8                    27

Jody Morton, WSCC                                8                 5                 8               *                    21

Steve Wilbraham, WSCC                         7                 6                 7               *                    20

Tony Christaudo, FNQMSC                      6                 3                  6               *                   15

Mark Horder, WSCC                               5                 *                  4                7                   14

Kelly Horder, WSCC                              4                  *                  2                5                   11

Kara North, DSMSA                                *                 2                  5                3                   10

Flyn Erwin, DSMSA                                *                  0                  3               4                     7


CLASS B 1600-2000cc 

Geoff Nicol, TCAC                               9                  10                  9                *                   28

Noel Grimm, WSCC                              8                   *                  10              9                    27

Ian Senbergs, WSCC                             7                   *                   8              10                   25

Steve Nicol, TCAC                               10                  *                   0               0                   10

Andrew Horn, FNQMSC                         *                   1                   0               0                    1


CLASS C <2000cc 

Steve Vanderbrug, FNQMSC                 10                  10                 10               *                  30

Tas Taylor, WSCC                                9                    9                   *                9                  27

John Sutton, TCAC                              8                    *                   9               10                  27

Bob Errey, DSMSA                                *                    8                   0               0                    8   



Kara North, DSMSA                              *                   10                  10               10                30

Kelly Horder, WSCC                            10                   *                    1                 9                20



Jody Morton, WSCC                            *                     10                   10                10             30

Kara North, DSMSA                             *                      9                     9                 8              26

Flyn Erwin, DSMSA                             *                      0                     8                 9              17

2014, 2013 & 2012 Results will be published when available

2011 Results

DRIVER / CLUB                      RND1       RND2       RND3       RND4       RND5        TOTAL  

Warren Morton - WSCC            --            60            60            60           60            240

Steven Vanderbrug - FNQ        51            --            57            51           57            216

Dale Williamson - WSCC           54            51            54            54           --            213

Wayne Morton - WSCC             --            45            48            45           51            189

Daniel Moss - WSCC                42            --            45            39           54            180

John Sutton - TCAC                 --            36            51            42           48            177

Bob Thorburn - WSCC             60            57            --              57           0             174

Tas Taylor - WSCC                  39            --            42             48           45            174

Brock Williamson - WSCC          --            30           10              36           39            115

Alex Scommazzon - TCAC       48             --           10              0              0             58

Stephen Hendry - FNQ             --            54            0               0              0              54

Jason Byrne - FNQ                   --            48            0               0              0              48

Josh Williamson - WSCC           33            --             0                0             0              33

Glen Taylor - WSCC                 30            --             0               0              0              30

Clint Taylor - WSCC                 10            --             0                0             0              10

2011 Championship Results 

RESULTS ROUND 1 WSCC - TONKER PARK - Round_1_201_khanacross2011NQKC.pdf 

            RESULTS ROUND 2 FNQMSC - HERBERTON - round_2_Herby_2011_Sheet1.pdf

    RESULTS ROUND 3 DSMSA - MOSSMAN DAY1 - NQ_khanacross_series_Rnd_3.xls   

    RESULTS ROUND 3 DSMSA - MOSSMAN DAY2 - NQ_Khanacross_Series_Rnd_3_Day_2.xls

RESULTS ROUND 4 WSCC - TONKER PARK - Round_4_2011_Khanacross.xls

 RESULTS ROUND 5 TCAC - CHARTERS TOWERS - Khanacross Series rnd5.pdf